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Buy Trendy Women’s Casual Dresses Online In Pakistan

Finding traditional Pakistani dresses can be easy, but getting your hands on Western women's casual dresses can be difficult for beautiful women out there. But don’t worry, we have got your back!

Lyallpur Cotton is your go-to option for ready-to-wear casual dresses in Pakistan that elevate your style statement. We understand how women dress to impress and love to be the talk of the town for their dresses. This is why we offer a wide variety of gorgeous-looking casual dresses for girls from floral prints long maxi to puff sleeves casual tops for women that won’t break the bank and make you look spectacular.

We have compiled this guide to provide you an insight into the most trendy day-to-day dresses that make you look fabulous throughout the day and help shine at night.

Buy The Best Casual Wear For Ladies 2023

Now, let's dive into some of our top picks from our exclusive collection available at Lyallpur Cotton's Casual Dress Collection.

Long Casual Maxi Dress

Enhance your beauty with our long floral dresses for women. These are not just an outfit, but an expression of sophistication and grace. Our maxi dresses are made with breathable, lightweight fabrics that can keep you warm during winter and are a great choice for long summer dresses for women. Each flower is arranged with perfection to create an eye-catching yet symphonic design.

Our maxi silhouette is designed to skim over your body gracefully and give you that elegant feminine look. The long length of dresses adds an extra element making them a great choice for casual date night outfits, tea parties, and leisurely beach trips.

Short Shirts For Girls

Casual short shirts for girls are a stylish and must addition to every wardrobe. These women’s western tops offer a harmonious blend of comfort and style. Their short length adds a youthful yet playful touch, allowing you to express your individual style with comfort.

From classic check-design shirts to flowy floral tops, we have an array of designs you can choose from. Providing girls of all ages, with infinite possibilities for mixing and matching these cotton shirts. Style them up with a pair of denim jeans for a girl's day out or pair them up with tailored pants for the university.

Casual Yet Formal Dress

Our casual long dresses for women are of a unique style that blends the relaxed comfort of casual wear and sophistication of formal wear. This unique fashion trend allows you to own a clothing piece that hails from the formal wardrobe yet has all those comfortable elements that any day-to-day wear has.

Choose from a printed long maxi dress or a solid color dress according to your occasion. These dresses for girls are like a canvas where you can express your personality, look good, and feel comfortable at the same time. Accessorize these dresses with jewelry for that evening dinner or wear them with a pair of heels for that bridal shower party. Style them however you like.

Get That Professional Look

If you are searching for professional clothes for women then you have come to the right place. Our casual dresses for ladies can help you get that professional look for your next office meeting while keeping you comfortable.

Lyallpur Cotton can help you make a lasting impression at the office in that crucial meeting. Option for solid colors like forever black or go for a pattern design. Style them with sleek heels and minimal jewelry to give a more polished look.

Our professional dresses for ladies can help you get through that busy day at the office while providing you the ease of movement and keeping you comfortable. Dress with style and confidence.

The Daytime Outfits

For your trendy daytime look our ready-to-wear dresses in Pakistan are your go-to choice. Whether you are going out for brunch with friends or exploring the city on your next vacation, these dresses are your perfect partner.

When you have a busy day planned, the last thing you would want is a dress that makes you feel uncomfortable. Lyallpur Cotton comes to the rescue and provides you with comfortable casual attire.

Choose between solid color maxi dress paired with a jacket or a checked collar dress for ladies. The silhouette of our maxi dresses manifests elegance and grace. With every step you take, they make you look more stylish like you have walked out of a Vogue magazine.

The Traditional Pakistani Dress

While living in Pakistan there is no chance that every once in a while you will need to dress up in that traditional Pakistani attire. Our dresses are a remarkable fusion of heritage and fashion.

Solid color Pakistani Kurta is like a canvas, that can be styled in various ways to express your personal taste. Go for a minimalist look with plain color legging and a delicate chiffon dupatta for an elegant touch. Or wear it with classic denim jeans and showcase your fusion of the Eastern and Western look. For a more festive look add statement jewelry like jhumka, bangles, and fancy necklaces.

We have the best Pakistani casual wear for women. Our kurta for women is a timeless addition to your wardrobe, which expresses your unique style while honoring tradition. Embrace the beauty of Pakistani fashion and make a statement with this iconic garment.

Iconic Black Dress

No one whether women or men’s closet is complete without the iconic black dress. It is a timeless and versatile piece that can be dressed up or down for almost every occasion.

Black is a color that has no boundaries it looks great on everyone, pairs up with any color, and makes you look elegant at all times. Our little black dress can be transformed from a dress that you can wear at home to a glamorous dress for a dinner date. It all depends on the way you style and carry it.

This black dress for women can be hooked into show-stopping evening wear by adding extra elements to it like a pair of embellished high heels, a sparkling necklace, chandelier earrings, an elegant clutch, and the classic red lipstick.

Our women's casual wear collection is your secret weapon to stealing the show this winter.

What Makes Lyallpur Cotton The Best Casual Wear Brand In Pakistan

No Compromise On Quality

Lyallpur Cotton provides high-quality clothes for women that are stylish and affordable for everyone. Our ready-to-wear collection offers a wide range of comfortable yet elegant-looking casual wear.

Our goal is to deliver you with the best whether it is about t-shirts for women or polo shirts for men. From making our clothes to delivering them to your doorstep we ensure to meet the highest standards. Quality is our top priority and exceeding your expectations is our goal.

Perfect Balance Between Comfort And Style

Every fashion-conscious individual quests for a balance between comfort and style while searching for casual wear. It's all about looking effortlessly trendy while feeling comfortable. We offer you dresses for girls that are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Our designers and creators pay great attention to every detail of clothes from fabric, cuts to stitching. To ensure they create a masterpiece that helps you feel at ease while making you stand out in the crowd.

Fabric Always Matters

Fabric is the core element of every dress. Choosing the right fabric is important for the success of the garment. At Lyallpur Cotton, we cautiously select the finest quality of fabric. That offers softness, and breathability and is lightweight.

Our aim is to not only provide you with clothes that are comfortable but also durable at the same time. This is why we choose a fabric that can face the tests of time. When you select our dresses for women online you are investing in an exquisite experience.

Pocket Friendly

We know the importance of providing our customers with high-quality fabrics without putting a dent in their pocket. That is why we provide them with the best dresses for women at the most affordable price.

We believe that everyone has a right to own clothes that are fashionable, comfortable, and durable. With our affordable collections, you can refresh your wardrobe without worrying about your financial well-being.

Where To Find The Best Casual Dresses

Wondering where to find casual women’s clothing near me? Our online store provides you with a wide range of clothes. From men’s shirts, printed t-shirts for women, activewear, unstitched cloth for men, to glow-in-the-dark shirts. Find your one-of-a-kind piece that is unique and reflects your style.


Lyallpur Cotton’s collection of casual wear for women in Pakistan is a beautiful blend of style, sophistication, elegance, and comfort. Whether you are looking for a flared long maxi for a birthday party, a professional shirt for ladies, or a classic Pakistani kurta, our collection has something for every style-conscious woman.

Explore the top trends in fashion and choose your favorite style. Elevate your wardrobe with dresses that make you shine bright at every event.

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